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featuring poetry by: mary boo anderson, zoƫ blair-schlagenhauf, k.e. bell, sara bess, liz bowen, ruby brunton, faye chevalier, ariel clark-semyck, alessia di cesare, logan february, alain ginsberg, avelynne kang, alex manley, ashley miranda, jackie mlotek, mary moore, luis neer, heather o'donnell, ana prundaru, cody roggio, joe rupprecht, kari sonde, marylyn tan, megan towey & a. light zachary

longform by: terrence abrahams, temim fruchter, diana khong, kirsten larson, victoria manifold, andy myers, william vandenberg & oliver zarandi

artwork by: k.e. bell, mathilde comby, ione damasco, krista esse, helga floros, roelof jacob, matt kish, ash miyagawa, sarai nissan, angela p. puliche, bob schofield & centa schumacher

plus interviews with sarah gerard & ashley obscura